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It explains, both in Bangali and Hindustani, tlie various terms connected with European litera- ture, science, religion, civil and military affairs, &c. in some detail, and in a manner suited to Native associations and habits of thinking ; and it there- fore cannot fail to be an useful manual to every European who has frequent intercourse with the Natives.

It will be proper to add a few words on the mode in which the work has been prepared.

responsible, answerable to — ddyi, adkin — zeramal, jawabdih Ame'nance, s. approbation, praise— pz-as Aawg-sa, sukhydti — ^afrin, tarif Ap'ple, s. an unmarried man ; one who takes his first degree at the university; a knight of the lowest order — abibdkita purush ; hidyd Uyer pratham upidhi prnpta byakci ; naif san^ak paddbhishikta byaktider madhye kanishtha pad jdhdr — mujarrad, n^katkhudi, anbyah^; lnglist4n ke raadrisoa ke niche darje ka talibulilmj niche darjckd murataz sawdr Back, s. a bundle of small wood, a faggot-^fcct".ier(£4;i Jci«, sandar, shohhdjanak—.iq, shayista, kbushnumd Becom'ingness, s.

may it be so ; verily — ei mata hauk ; satya — S.min, aisd ho ^ Amenable, a. drunken riots or revels — mdtdtiyd gol bd utsab — rindoa keghulghule,badmastoa Bach'elor, s. in Scotland a half penny — Skatlanda desher paysd bishesh — Skatland ke mulk k^ Bav^in, s.

an insect; a large heavy mallet— ir"6urepofca ; 6c J/iat/»Md^ar— gubraunda, gubrila ; bara bhdri mogra ' Beeves, s.

the name of a garden plant— pa/ahg- shdk — chuqandar Beetle, s.

hunger, earnest desire of pleasure, violent longing— Aj/ud At, shdririk skukhechhd, ati&hay ichhd — bhukh, raghbat, kwahish Applau'd, va. relating to application — Idgite pare, sangata, manonibesh bd parisram hdprdr- thand sambandhiya — lagao yd tandihi ya darkhwast se jo nisbat rakhta hai Appli'er, Ap'plicant, s. the frame which supports a bed — khaftta, pdlanga — palang, chdrpdi, khat Bee, s.

to reform, grow better, correct — sudhrdna, siran — durust k. engaging, desirable-r6ftnc A/*a Ht2/a — arzd Ke qabil, dilchasp Ap'petite, s. the act of applying, intense study, great industry, the act of applying to any person as a petitioner — Ldgdna, manonibesh, parishrain, prdrthand bd darkhdst — lagao, shughl, tandihi, darkhwast Ap'plicative, a. confined to the bed by violent sickness or extreme old age— pfra bd bdrdhakya prdpta shajydgata — zaif yd bimar jo bistar se na uth sake, sahib-i-farash Bed'stead, s.

Inglistan ke bddshah ki khass chauki ka sipahi Beer, s. further, onward, not behind, in the presence of; prior to, sooner — agre, sammukhe, samakhyt ; prathame, purbe—ige, peshtar, sdmne ; pahle, maqabl 6 BEP ( 42 ) EL Befo'rehand, ad. Their excessive cost placed them beyond the reach of any except the most wealthy, and the interpretation given by them in the Native language was generally confined to the nearest corres- ponding word, Avithout any detailed explanation. Under these circumstances, it appeared to mo that I could not confer a greater benefit on my countrymen than by giving them an English Dictionary intended expressly for themselves. In the letter .a alone I found that there were about 650 words more in my text than I could find In IV any existing Hindfist Sni Dictionary.* In this dilemma I sought the assist- ance of competent individuals. In the Hindustani part of the work, Maulavi Zainuddin Hussain and several other Gentlemen gave me their ready aid. In carrying the work through the Press I have been assisted throughout by Bdbu Shydni/icharan Sarkar. • Manj of these are words not in common use, but others, of which the following are instances, are in daily use : — Acerbity, Aeronaut, Afliliation, Affusion, Aisle, Altera- tive, Ambient, Ambit, Anglicism, Antemeridian, Arcade, Arcauura, Atlantic, Attic, Autocrat, &c.

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